What is Aquaponics?

Well, in a very simple form, its a Symbiotic relationship between Fish and Plants. 

You utilise the fish waste, which converts into nutrients  that feeds the plants.  With a well balanced system, you can grow fruit and veg to feed the family and eat the fish once plate size.

Why do we like Aquaponics?

We see this as an opportunity to attract a new generation into farming, there are many benefits from a system like this. 

Its very organic, no pesticides can be used due to the Fish. 

It uses less water than conventional farming. 

Its scalable.  From small Family systems, to large commercial farms. 

Keeps the family active and out in the yard.  Teaches kids where food actually comes from and you can eat the rewards!

We can custom design and install Aquaponic Farms to suit your backyard, School, Eco Villages, Community Gardens or Commercial Farm.

There are many Aquaponic kits available online and if you prefer to buy from one of these suppliers, we can still help with the installation.  We can also advise on the other little ins and outs to help your system grow.

We don’t mind where you buy from, we just want to help! 

However if you prefer to have a custom designed Farm to suit your backyard then give us a shout.

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